The Cold Case Network

coldCasesThe stark reality is that the number of unsolved cases in America is on the rise. Unlike television, solutions seldom come from a single law enforcement agency. Rather, it is a combination of law enforcement, families, experts and the general public that lead to a solution. That is where the Cold Case Network comes in.

We elicit the assistance of a private network of experts in a variety of forensic fields, along with input from the general public and law enforcement.

The Cold Case Network is a site designed to assist in taking a new look at cold cases.

We do not accept all cases, and we do review all submitted cases to determine if inclusion into our database will be beneficial. Anyone requesting an inclusion should be prepared to provide as much information and documentation as possible for our review process.

Please note that acceptance of any case does not indicate or warrant, in any manner, that we can provide a solution. While we will work diligently on all cases we accept, we do not always reach a solution. 

We are not associated with any law enforcement agency, although we will work closely with the responsible law enforcement if we accept a case.

Our panel of experts donate their time to assist in bring to close these cold cases. Neither the experts or the Cold Case Network accepts or solicits funds. 

We invite you to look through our case files and feel free to discuss them openly on our site’s forum.


Minneapolis has high unsolved homicide rate:

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